Redacts your documents automatically

Redacts your documents automatically

AnteRedact adds security layer and unlock documents so that you can reuse essential knowledge

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“data protection by design – pseudonymisation is one of the key ways in which you can implement appropriate safeguards for the personal data you process, both at the design stage and throughout any project lifecycle;”

Information Commisioner’s Office: Introduction to anonymisation

Testimonial: Norstedts Juridik

See how AnteRedact helps Norstedsts Juridik (SE) pseudonymize thousands of verdicts daily

Redaction By Design

AnteRedacts automated and AI-driven method adds an extra security layer and unlocks essential knowledge

Data minimization

Remove personal information from all documents on servers and minimize data in accordance with GDPR.

Data security

With a uniform method that treats all documents the same, you achieve a higher level of security.

Knowledge sharing

Once sensitive information is removed, essential knowledge can be shared across the organization.

Anonymization creates value

All documents, always anonymized

AnteRedact operates seamlessly in the background, anonymizing documents as needed.

  • Save after retention period: Anonymize documents upon reaching the deletion deadline.
  • Fast public- and customer service: Immediate access to information for requests.
    Knowledge accessibility: Retrieve documents from the journal system and drive.

Automatic entity recognition

Anonymization 100x faster

PII-algorithm identifies sensitive information and anonymizes it, saving you time.

  • Person names, SSN, Phone no.
  • Organisations, addresses, emails
  • Editor module for error correction

A plethora of functionalities.

Supports your entire workflow

You can handle all parts of your workflow with AnteRedact.

  • Automated anonymisation of server/folder
  • Built-in risk- and error tracking
  • Streamlined error correction
  • Flexible configuration

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